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A: Stratrev Review Center is a Las Piñas City-based Review Center that specializes in conducting online or internet based review for the Criminologist Licensure Examinations. The company boasts of more than 300 hours of regular lectures for the 6 component areas of the Licensure Examinations on top of the 24 hours of combined Recap, Ratio and Final Coaching programs. As long as you have a device (computer/smartphone) and reliable internet connection, you may experience the following benefits  of an online review: 1. Unlimited viewing/playback of not less than 38 Board subjects 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the entire review season. 2. Access online to printable subject handouts which will also be delivered to your home/office address.

 Q: What is the motto of Stratrev Review Center?

A: The motto of Stratrev Review Center is to make board and professional licensure examination review accessible to more people at more affordable prices.

Q: Who may enroll in Stratrev Review?

A: Enrollment is open to Criminology board reviewees, Criminology graduates, Criminology students who wish to supplement their studies and/or undergo advance board review, and criminologists who wish to update and or increase their professional and technical knowledge.

Q: What do I get when I enroll or subscribe to Stratrev Review?

 A: The latest, on-season lectures can be viewed 24/7 by subscribers via on-demand video lectures.  In addition, Stratrev Review gives the subscriber access to handouts and materials on printable digital form. Hard copies of these review materials will likewise be sent to them by courier.

Q: When will the on-demand video lectures become available for viewing? Up to what day will they be available for viewing?

A: The on-demand video lectures will become available for viewing starting on the day indicated in our schedule which is August 1, 2018.  They will be available for viewing until the last day of the relevant Criminology board examination which is December 16, 2018.  

Q: How much is the enrollment fee?

A: Full payment for the “all-access online review program” is ₱8,500. The “all-access review program” entitles the enrollee to view all lecture-videos inclusive of the six recap videos, six (6) rationalization videos and six (6) final coaching videos. The “all-access review program” also entitles the enrollee to access the soft copies of the lecturer’s review materials in printable digital form. He will also receive hard copies of these review materials via courier service at his registered delivery address.

B: For installment payment in the all-access review program the break down will be as follows:

  • ₱4,500 (down payment) upon enrollment.
  • ₱4,500 balance to be paid on or before October 15, 2018
  1. For students who wish to avail of the Four Installments Payment scheme, the schedule of payment will be as follows:
  2. Pay ₱2,000 upon enrollment.
  3. Pay ₱2,000 on September 1, 2018.
  4. Pay ₱2,000 on October 1, 2018.
  5. Last payment of ₱4,000 on October 30, 2018.

Q: Can I still enroll even after the review program has already started?

A: Yes. Since this is an on-line review, there is actually no late-comers to speak of. You are however advised to catch up with all the videos and review materials which you might have missed. These videos and review materials are all accessible to everyone enrolled in the “all-access review program” until the last day of the board examinations.

Q: Can I enroll and pay based on a “per-subject only basis”?

A: No. We do not entertain enrollments based on a per-subject basis. You may enroll either for the “all-access review program” (₱8,500.00), or final coaching only (₱3,000.00).

Q: How can I enroll?



STEP 1. Deposit your cash or check payment to any of the following bank accounts under the name of STRATREV REVIEW CENTER and keep the validated deposit slip. The bank details are as follows:

Bank: Landbank
Account Number: 1551-1454- 56


Bank: RCBC
Account Number:  7-590- 54883-6

STEP 2. Send us the scanned copy of your deposit slip via email or facebook or whatever means which may be convenient to you. Send the scanned copy TOGETHER with your application and photo. The application form may be emailed to you upon request. Thereafter, your enrollment will be confirmed and your username/password will be sent to you.



PERSONAL ENROLLMENT – You may go personally to the office of Stratrev Review Center at Unit I, Ground Floor Azucena Arcade, 255 Alabang-Zapote Road, Pamplona 3, Las Piñas City, Metro Manila. The Azucena Arcade is at the corner of Alabang-Zapote Road and the entrance arc of Greenview Subdivision.  Please bring two 1×1 I.D. pictures. You may pay in cash or check. Check payments should be made payable to Stratrev Review Center.


Q: Once i have already paid, how can I access the Stratrev Online review?

 A:  The username and password will enable you to access our lecture-videos and handouts. In addition, you will be entitled to view other criminology/criminal justice education related articles which are available for viewing in our official online website.

Q: What do I need to view or to access Stratrev Online Review?

 A: Any desktop computer, laptop, notebook, PDA, tablet, hand phone, or any other electronic device with internet access will correspondingly allow you to view or to access Stratrev Online Review. Please take notice however, that it is not possible to view our lecture-videos time by using more than one electronic device or gadget at the same time.

Q: Can I print the digital materials provided by Stratrev Online Review?

 A: Yes, but strictly and exclusively for your personal use.   Unauthorized distribution or dissemination of the digital materials as well as the on-demand lectures shall be subject to prosecution under the law.

Stratrev will also send to you by courier the hard copies of regular review materials including those for Ratio and Final Coaching; but for those enrolled in final coaching program only, they will receive hard copies of materials for final coaching only. Unauthorized photocopying and/or distribution of these hard copies shall likewise be subject to prosecution under the law.

Q: What are the differences between STRATREV all-access review program and STRATREV final coaching program?

A: In general, the all-access review program is more comprehensive in scope than the final coaching program due to the greater number of time allotted to it to navigate the coverage of the Criminologist Licensure Examinations and the greater number of experts in the practice of the Criminology profession which were chosen by STRATREV to lecture on their respective fields of specialization. The all access review program has an estimated combined running time of four hundred hours (400) hours of lecture presentation.

On the other hand, the final coaching program is highly recommended to those who:

  1. Do not really have the time to enroll in a regular review program due to the demands of work and other circumstances.
  2. People who have their regular review in a traditional face to face review center who would like to supplement and reinforce what they learned from other review centers.
  3. People who may not be satisfied with the quality of the review center of their first choice but who do not have the time anymore to listen to STRATREV’s regular review due to the amount of time required to effectively view and digest them.
  4. People including aspiring topnotchers who would like to have the best of both worlds by being an enrollee in a regular traditional review center and the same time learning from the six top-notch final coaching lecturers gathered together by STRATREV.

Note: The final coaching program has an estimated combined running time of not less than forty eight (48) hours of actual lecture. In addition to these 48 hours of actual lecture, enrolees in the final coaching program are also entitled to view our recap and ratio lectures which have an estimated combined running time of not less than ninety-six (96) hours. Therefore, an enrolee in the final coaching program will experience not less than one hundred forty four (144) hours of lecture time with downloadable handouts for only ₱3,000.[1]

Q: Since this is an online review, where the lecturer and the reviewees are not face to face with each other, how can I ask questions/clarifications from the lecturers?

A: Questions and clarifications from the lecturers concerned may be done through any of the following:

  1. Via SMS (txt messages). Send your questions to any of these mobile numbers: 0928-521-5391 (Smart)/ 0977-831-4051 (Globe). Indicate the lecturer to whom you are addressing your questions and under what subject matter your question falls into (example: my question is for: Prof X, under the subject “Forensic Ballistics” then write your question); or
  2. Via E-MAIL (Send your questions to this EMAIL ADDRESS info@stratrev.com.ph. Indicate the lecturer to whom you are addressing your questions and under what subject matter your question falls into (example: my question is for: Prof Y, under the subject “Drug Education and Vice Control” then write your question).

Note: Since this is not a face to face, traditional type form of review, please take notice that it may take some time before you receive the answers to your question. Rest assured however that your Stratrev lecturers and staff are doing their best to address this inherent limitation peculiar to an “online review”.

In addition, intelligent, useful and relevant questions sent to us will be posted at our website together with the corresponding answers (minus the identity of the sender) for the common benefit of all STRATREV enrollees/reviewees.

Q: Do we grant scholarships?

 A: Yes. You are qualified for scholarship if you are a graduate of BS Criminology/Criminal Justice Education with Latin awards (Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, Cum Laude) or if you graduated as the top 1 or top 2 of your graduating batch. Just provide us with any reliable proof of your qualification such as College Dean’s certification, yearbook, among others. Please call our landline right now if you wish to avail of this privilege.


[1] Please Add ₱500 as shipping fee to the normal ₱3,000 final coaching fee if the enrolee would request that the handouts be delivered to his address.