Enrollment Form

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1 .I fully understand that Stratrev hand-outs and review materials, whether in paper or in electronic form, as well as Stratrev Online videos and materials, are strictly and exclusively for the use of Stratrev reviewees 2. I undertake not to disseminate or to furnish to any person or entity the Stratrev videos, hand-outs, and review materials, including the unauthorized uploading and downloading of the same; 3. I will not, in any manner, share with any person or entity, the username/password that will be assigned to me; 4. I fully understand that the violation of the undertakings or undertakings herein shall be subject to civil, criminal, or administrative sanctions and penalties and a ground for the termination of my rights and privileges as a Stratrev reviewee for this review season. 5. I agree to abide by the foregoing terms and such other reasonable rules and regulations as may be issued by Stratrev Review & Seminars Inc., including its Privacy Policy, in case my application is accepted. 6. I understand that availment of Stratrev's review facilities and services is conditioned on my faithful compliance with the foregoing terms and the rules and regulations that may be issued by Stratrev Review & Seminars Inc. 7. I understand that in case of lectures held at the review venue, it is my obligation to present my Stratrev I.D. card so that I may enter and avail of Stratrev's facilities and services. 8. Submission of incomplete enrollment requirements will be deemed void and will not confer any right to applicant. NO REFUND ALLOWED.
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