Privacy Policy

STRATREV REVIEW & SEMINARS, INC. is also referred to in this privacy policy as STRATREV. 

The terms provided herein and the consent required in the collection of data are hereby agreed upon and obtained by clicking agree on the link provided in STRATREV’s website, or by signing the printed form of this Privacy Policy, or by sending a reply agreeing to the terms as provided herein through electronic or ordinary mail. 

If this Privacy Notice is received by a data subject through email, it shall be deemed accepted unless the data subject responds within 15 days from receipt of such email stating its non-acceptance of the terms herein.

This Privacy Policy is applicable to the data collected on STRATREV’s websiteat , or to the data collected by STRATREV at its office located on Unit 3 Minerva Vineyard, National Rd., Putatan, Muntinlupa City, or the data collected by STRATREV and/or under its authority in any other place.

This Privacy Policy is meant to give awareness on what data STRATREV is collecting and the reason or purpose of its collection.


STRATREV respects and is committed to the protection of personal information and privacy.  This Privacy Policy serves as a notice that the personal information of a data subject, or the individual whose personal information is processed, is protected in accordance with Republic Act No. 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012, which sets out personal information protection practices that are put in place to protect the personal information of individuals.

This Privacy Policy may be updated at any time without prior notice but a notice of such update will be available in the STRATREV’s website for the information of the data subjects.  Acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy is needed before STRATREV can process personal information from a data subject under the updated Privacy Policy.  


During enrolment in any of STRATREV’s review programs, the following personal information are processed by STRATREV:

  1. Identification Card with Photo
  2. Full name (first name, middle, name and last name)
  3. Gender
  4. Email address
  5. Contact numbers (mobile phone and landline[optional])
  6. Selected Review Course
  7. School graduated from
  8. Year graduated
  9. How did one learn about STRATREV
  10. Mode of payment
  11. Payment details

During the duration of any of STRATREV’s review programs, the following information are also collected:

1. Information provided to STRATREV in the course of participating in surveys, wherein they have the option not to give any personal information.

2. Camera visual recordings, when an enrolee attends the bar lectures in the review venue, if facial or any identifiable feature is visible during the video recordings.

When contacting STRATREV for any queries using its website, the following information are required by STRATREV:

  1. Full name
  2. Email
  3. Contact Number
  4. How did one learn about STRATREV
  5. Comment or Message


STRATREV collects and uses personal information only as necessary for the purposes for which it was obtained.

STRATREV uses and collects personal information for the following purposes:

(1) Documentation and processing during enrolment in any of the review programs of STRATREV and the PRC board review;

(3) Coaching (assignment of coaches to enrolees);

(4) Communication and information (answering queries in the STRATREV website and sending of important updates through email and other means of communication available to the enrolees);

(5) Security of enrolees (to ensure that only those who are enrolled can enter the review venue by providing enrolees with identification cards during the bar review);  

(6) Statistical and historical data purposes (such as, but not limited to, the use for publishing reports in the STRATREV website or its social media accounts of (i) the percentage of STRATREV bar passers, (ii) the names of STRATREV’s Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) board passers and their testimonial in the STRATREV website or social media accounts).

The information collected, as provided herein, shall be retained only for as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the foregoing purposes and within five years thereafter.   Such retention for another five years shall be for the purpose of establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims that may arise in the course of enrolment on any of the review programs of STRATREV.  Unless requested to be removed by the person concerned, the names of the previous and future STRATREV board passers and their testimonials shall be available in STRATREV website or social media accounts, for historical and statistical data purposes only.


STRATREV collects personal information when inquiries are made on its website, during enrolment in any of its review program (either at its website, or its social media accounts, or at its office, or at its review site, or at any authorized places) and during the duration of any of its review program.

STRATREV also collects non-personal identification information about internet users whenever they interact with STRATREV website for analytics purposes. Non-personal identification information may include the type of browser used to access the site, the type of computer or device, and other technical information used as the means of connection, such as operating system. This type of information cannot be used to identify individual visitors.


The STRATREV’s website may use “cookies,” (small information files) to enhance user experience. A web browser stores cookies on a user’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes; e.g., cookies help a website determine if a user is a returning or first-time visitor. A user may choose to set their web browser to refuse cookies, or to send alerts if cookies are being sent.

The information collected shall be used primarily to improve the website. Information such as pages most frequently visited, and technology used to access the website, may help the site handlers determine which aspect of site development or content creation to prioritize.


The failure to supply such personal information required, in such form as may be provided by STRATREV may result in not proceeding with the enrolment in any of the review programs of STRATREV, or may result in not receiving the answer to queries, notices or services requested.


Personal information provided to STRATREV will be kept confidential.  However by agreeing to this Privacy Policy, a data subject shall be deemed to have consented and authorized STRATREV to provide or disclose the personal information collected from such data subject to person, partnership or corporation wherein STRATREV has a Data-Sharing Agreement, Non-Disclosure, Agreement, or Outsourcing Agreement which ensures the placing of proper safeguards in the confidentiality of the personal information. 

By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, a data subject who enrolled and passed any of the PRC board examination offered by STRATREV hereby gives his or her consent to publish his or her name in the STRATREV website, or in any of its social media accounts, or in a newspaper of general circulation or in a public place (chosen by STRATREV).  Such data subject further gives his or her consent to the publication of his or her testimonial in the stated places.


STRATREV takes reasonable steps to protect the personal information it holds from loss, misuse, modification, unauthorised or accidental access or disclosure, alteration or destruction. 

Only authorized STRATREV personnel has access to the personal information it collects except those persons, partnerships or corporations authorized by virtue of an agreement which ensures confidentiality and only for the purpose provided in such agreement.


STRATREV may provide access and allow the correction or removal of personal information of its data, upon a written request received which should be submitted to the following email address: 

Within 30 days from receipt of the request, STRATREV shall respond to the request by stating the action taken on such request.

STRATREV may deny requests that are made in violation of any applicable law, rules or procedure enforceable in the Philippines, or when it is discovered that the requestor is not the data subject or is not authorized by the data subject.

STRATREV reserves the right to charge a reasonable administrative processing fee for any action done pursuant to a valid request made by a data subject. This fee takes into account the time needed for verifying, locating, retrieving, reviewing and copying the information requested as well as any other associated costs and expenses that may arise from conducting such retrieval. 


Questions regarding this Privacy Policy should be brought to the following email address:


This Privacy Policy shall be effective upon its posting in the STRATREV’s website.