Why choose STRATREV?

The need to provide a better option for the preparation of our graduates for their professional board examination, brought about the establishment of STRATREV REVIEW & SEMINARS, INC. It provides a venue for top-notch lecturers, in their field of expertise, to impart their knowledge on a given subject to reviewees who expect nothing but the best-value review classes they can participate in to further their chances in acing their professional board examination. As quality review education is being brought to another level, STRATREV REVIEW & SEMINARS, INC., came up with options to adapt to the ever changing needs of the market. STRATREV REVIEW & SEMINARS, INC., offers review options to address the different needs of each interested reviewee, and at the same time optimizing the review education

  • STRATREV delivers strategic and relevant Review Programs which meet the competencies and content of the actual Licensure Examinations.

  • Lecturers are some of the best in their field of expertise. They are university professors, and seasoned instructors who obtained their specialization in the different areas of the Licensure Examinations of their chosen professions.

  • Based on the subject area schedule, using Stratrev’s OWN platform, enrollees have UNLIMITED access to videos and other review materials anytime until board exam day